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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hello! "Knowledge is Power, Information is money"! If you must create legit and durable Wealth, then you need knowledge. Go for knowledge! You have to be thirsty and hungry for Information. Quality Information will put quality money in your account. Cheap information will put peanuts in your wallet. The choice is all yours to make. Smartness is having other sources of income while doing your normal job. Nobody wants to work for a boss forever, everybody dreams of becoming the boss someday. 

WHO AM I? I am the Principal Partner at Gideon Ele & Co. (RC: 129019), a registered professional Real Estate Consultancy & Web Development firm in Port Harcourt & Branch offices in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria. Am a blogger at, and and the Admin of Over the years, we have helped Individuals, NGO's & Government agencies acquire & sale out both commercial & residential Real Estate assets. At Gideon Ele & Co., Our Motto & Driving force is: "Integrity & Professionalism in Service".

Therefore, if you must be the boss and create wealth, you've got to think outside the box and think of an alternative means of generating more money and on part time.  
Listen! If you don’t create a second source or alternative means of making money while you sleep or while you’re on holiday, you will work until you die! With this information, you don’t have to be physically present to make money. Therefore, if you must be the boss and create wealth, you've got to think outside the box and think of an alternative means of generating more money and on part time.

Listen! If you don’t create a second source or alternative means of making money while you sleep or while you’re on holiday, you will work until you die! With this information, you don’t have to be physically present to make money. 

Poor minded people are comfortable helping other people achieve thier personal goals working in their established institutions & vision, while wealth minded people are risk takers, they take every action to build wealth for themselves. Real Estate Business provides such opportunity for ANYBODY to build sustainable wealth with freedom and liberty. Part of the secrets of U.S President Donald Trump is Real Estate. 

Therefore, in this journey of Wealth Building you’re going to embark with me, I need you to open your heart to clear all doubts and to accept the Reality of this business. If you have faith in me, I will be exposing hidden secrets that the rich use to earn more wealth through Real Estate. If you dont know, most big shots in town do Real Estate on part time. If you must know, Real Estate business is next to crude oil business in Nigeria and any part of the world. The profit that accrues from this business is massive considering the continuous increasing prices of properties and landed assets. One of the secrets of building genuine and durable wealth is through investing in assets/properties, because assets do not depreciate but have increasing value yearly.

The Nigerian Real Estate market is huge, and yet untapped.  Following rising demand for commercial space and housing for middle-income and young professionals in Nigeria, the nation’s real estate has continued to grow with the sector now valued at N6.4 trillion ($41.2 Billion). According to a report by Thisday Newspaper of 30th July, 2015, the Lagos sub-segment of the market accounts for at least 40 percent of the Nigerian market/economy. Growth, the report revealed, continues to be driven largely by residential and commercial properties in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano. The report estimates the market to grow by an estimated average of 10 percent in 2014 and 2015 respectively. The Lagos real estate market, which has evolved in the last decades, continues to report significant growth in both the residential and commercial sub-segments. The key growth factor includes; population growth, economic growth, rapid urbanization, rising consumer disposable income and the introduction of mortgages.
However, from the report above it reveals that there is huge untapped money from the Real Estate Sector, and this money is open and up for grabs by all stake holders like, Individuals, corporate organizations and the Real Estate Agents/Consultants like you and me.

Real estate is "property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals, or water; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this (also) an item of real property; (more generally) buildings or housing in general. Also: the business of real estate is the profession of buying, selling, or renting land, buildings or housing for residential or commercial purposes. Real Estate is also an Information Marketing business of Real Estate items/products offline & online.


It takes Zeal and commitment to succeed in any given endeavor, be it business, politics or Real Estate. Real Estate in some aspects could be a Get Rich Quick program, and some times it requires time, space, patience and faith to succeed in this 'game'. The truth is any good thing wont come easy. However, Success in this business is guaranteed. The possibilities in the business outweighs the risks in it.

Things You Dont Need Initially to Start Real Estate Business...
·                     You Dont Need a Degree or Certificate in Real Estate to Start
·                     You Dont Need to be a Graduate to Do Real Estate
·                     You Dont Need a Special or Professional Skill to start Real Estate
·                     You Dont Need a Startup Capital to Start Real Estate Business
·                     You Dont Need an Office to Start Real Estate Business
·                     You Dont Also Need a Car to Start Real Estate

What You Initially Need to Start Real Estate Business Are...
·                     A burning desire to be self employed 
·                     A burning  Desire for Wealth & Success
·                     A burning Desire to Develop Alternative Source of Income
·                     Having or Developing Passion for Real Estate Business
·                     Your Phone, and other devices, maybe a camera/phone, 
·                     My Real Estate Wealth Book
·                     A Mentor (I will be your mentor for life!)
Mentorship is key to success. A Mentor is someone who inspires you and is ready to transfer his wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to you for you to succeed. You see, the Real Estate "game' and sector is filled with so many 'mafias', huddles and uncertainties, because of the porous nature of the business in Nigeria, hence without a proper guide by a mentor, the journey could be very frustrating, but with a mentor by your side, it will be fun making money.  I will take you by the hand to show you how stuffs work in this venture. With my assistance you wont have to suffer all i went through.


Nobody wants to venture into a business without first knowing how profitable the business is. The earning potential or profit gains in Real Estate business is huge, if properly learnt. The profitability of this business can not be far traced to the reason why 60% Nigeria Lawyers have abandoned the courts and have become Real Estate Agents in recent time.The truth is, Real Estate Assets/properties have value, hence whoever is in the business of exchanging Real Estate Property Assets from either a buyer or selling is in serious business! Do you feel my gist? From my many years in Real Estate Consultancy I have come to terms with the fact that, the only business that requires zero or little startup capital is the Real Estate Business. This business if properly oriented and guided can turn you to a millionaire within few months. This is not hyping or exaggeration, but its reality. In this business, you earn through Property Management Services, Real Estate Consultancy services, Commission Agency, Sales, Lease, Property Procurement services etc. Like you know, Properties runs in hundred of thousands, millions and even billions. The sales aspect of this business runs on 10% commission from buyer and  5% commission profit from seller respectively. If for instance you help a buyer purchase a Duplex with cost of #50m ( fifty Million naira) invariably, you should be expecting 5 or 10% of the price of property from the buyer and 5% from seller, (which is either 15% or 20% profit from both buyer and seller) from just one single transaction! You could close more sales transaction in a close time.
Also, as a Real Estate Manager, who has the landlord’s instruction or mandate to mange a property, you are entitled to 5% of the net sales or rent fee of the property, as ‘Management fee’ from landlord. You are also entitled to 10% ‘Agency fee’ from the incoming client or tenant, making it 15% commission fee from a single property under your management. What if you have 10 or more properties of such under your management? And you don’t have to sweat to to do all these, provided you are properly guided. I am sure you will be smiling to your bank, freely without hassles. What if you close two or three of such transactions or bigger once within a month or two? Then you would have become a millionaire in few months! And you will continually earn these fees from different clients FOR LIFE! Dont forget, no startup capital is required to make this huge business profit! My friend, lets be sincere, could there be any simpler route to genuine wealth than this? But the gospel truth is you need the right knowledge, information, papers & documentations on how to coordinate and process the business transactions explained above, because what you dont know is bigger than you! Be rest assured, we have demystify the whole process for you and make it very simple to venture.

Therefore, for you reading this letter right now to have a professional & technical knowledge on how to conclude Real Estate deals successfully to take your legitimate profit in cash, in my many years on this business, I have painstakingly researched and carefully put together key areas and information in starting up the Real Estate multi billion naira business in a book I titled "Real Estate Wealth".  With this book and my mentorship, you can be sure to have a soft landing while venturing into this business. See a list of the content of the book on
 Real Estate Wealth below for your advantage.

·           WHAT IS REAL ESTATE?
·                     QUITE NOTICE
·                     POWER OF ATTORNEY
·                     OFFER LETTERS
·                     LETTER OF INTENT (LOI)
·                     TENANCY AGREEMENTS 
·                     WHAT IS A BRIEF?
·                     PROPERTY TITLES & MEANINGS
·                     PROPERTY INSPECTIONS
·                     ESTATE AGENCY & FEES
·                     PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & FEES
·                     SOURCING FOR PROPERTIES
·                     SOURCING FOR CLIENTS
·                     MANAGING CLIENTS
·                     MARKETING PROPERTIES (Online/Offline)
·                     HOW TO SETUP A REAL ESTATE FIRM
There are numerous ways anyone can make cool cash weekly, monthly and yearly from Real Estate Business. However, for the purpose of this work, we shall limit them to:

   * Real Estate Agency 
   * Real Estate Management
   * Real Estate Merchandising
    * Real Estate Speculating
     *   Property Valuation

Please note, in this business opportunity:

     *No Startup Capital is Required! 
*No Previous Experience is Needed!
*No Office is Required!
*No Certificate is Required!
*Work Part Time and Earn Full Time Income FOR LIFE!

I have painstakingly put down these vital information to play my own part in human capacity development and building to also help in reducing the unemployment scourge in Nigeria and Africa. Also this work is a solution for an alternative means of income opportunity to the unemployed, employedBankers, teachers, Pastors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, even students. Sincerely speaking i want you to have an alternative source of income, hence the reason I am dishing out my hard earned experience and knowledge to you, my reader. The reason I am doing this is because of my personal Wealth experience which says; When you show others the way to success, you become more successful. simple. Consider the content of the material and the value attached to it, if you pay #50k to have it, you wont regret it. But i will be giving it out for a give-away price of #5k only to encourage both the unemployed and employed to secure a future for themselves and family. Note: This business can be done on part time or full time; it does not affect your current work. If you want to affect your income possibly to create wealth and on part time bases, then feel free to order a copy of my book titled: "Real Estate Wealth".  for #5k through the bank information below.

    GT Bank:    0153855073 
     Acc. Name: Gideon Ele & Co


    FIRST BANK: 2025029426
    Acc. Name:   Gideon Ele & Co.

After Ordering, SMS payment details & email to: 07063249904; on confirmation of payment, your Real Estate Wealth business startup information material will be delivered to your email with 24hours. 

NB: If your in Port Harcourt city and you want to see me directly, feel free to book appointment with me in office. One-on-One Mentorship/training for interested participants is welcome. Cost for one-on-one mentorship/training with me is #50k. Duration is two months. Within this training, my participants can startup their Real Estate Wealth Business along side, if they so wish. Participants after the training shall be opportune to be under my mentorship/partnership

Dont Forget, Success is not Luck, its a consciousness. You will have to take your destiny in your hand.
I will see you at the top!

Your Real Estate Wealth Mentor,


Gideon-Wealth Ele
Gideon Ele & Co.
(Real Estate Consultancy & WebDevelopment)
#15 Ebony Road,
Port Harcourt.
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